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Here you have collectibles for sale. Strictly selected, they are described with their quality and the reality of the effects of aging. Items may have wear and tear or imperfections. Go through the gallery, look at pictures. Don't hesitate to let me know any questions.


Some of these pieces are shown "as is", that is to say before restoration. You can buy them and take care of them by yourself. You can also ask us for advice on choosing a strategy.

Or ask a quote, so instrument is delivered to you after its complete rehabilitation.

spieldose music box zig zag spillner berlin automate couv

moteur air chaud pompe laboratoire couv

orgue barbarie belcanto 27 ludion couv

orgue danse poirot mirecourt couv

automate orgue 1 Couv

orgue barbarie ludion 32 baladin couv

oiseau chanteur couv

tachymetre enregistreur vaucanson locomotive vapeur couv

roi sonneur automate orgue couv

pendule foret noire orgue automates schwarzwald couv

wurlitzer 146 B fair organ couv

ecusson bronze jazz band rex couv

piano mecanique salon gavioli couv

regina corona musicbox couv

automate orgue 2 Couv

De Vere catalogue couv

repertoire ancien harmoniclave 2

organina thibouville lamy 24 touches couv

cabinet reproducteur welte mignon couv

repertoire ancien melotrope 2

orgue salon kelsen couv

Chapuis les automates

repertoire ancien cecilium 2

pendule systeme lioret couv

inventaire instruments musique terreur 1890 bruni gallay

bam 1576 couv

orgue manege limonaire freres 35 touches couv

orgue salon secretaire 32 ludion couv

automate d orgue sonneur de timbre couv

orgue barbarie harmoniflute 37 touches couv

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