My commitments towards Auction Houses


My experience in the field of Automatons, Fairground Art and Mechanical Musical Instruments since 1976, my library and my documentation (More than 6000 books and documents), my knowledge of the market and my worldwide collectors network, allow me to respond in relevant and effective manner to requests for expertise from Auction Houses and Auctioneers.

Most of time, after first phone contact, answering a few questions, you allow me to situate the instrument or the object of art and thus to determine his value on the market. This allows you to answer your seller's questions and estimate a consignment price. In case of uncertainty, photos taken with a mobile phone raise doubts.

In a second step, once the consignment is established, photographs sent by mail, video and, if the part justifies it, a physical examination In situ and attentive listening whenever possible (We talk about automatic musical instruments and automatons) will allow me to write one or more catalogue sheets, usable for the various forms of advertising around the sale.

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My commitment :

  1. I include this (these) sheet (s) on the website www.expertises.pro indicating the date of sale and the contact details of your study. 
  1. At the same time, I send to the customers concerned by the specialty (excerpts from my client file), an Auction Alert (Visible specimen here) By email with photo and link on the page mentioned above.
  1. I reply by mail and by phone to additional enquiries in English and French by giving a link pointing to a complete photo file of the object, its description, and the purchase order form. As I do not take part in the bidding process, I tell potential buyers, how to file a purchase order directly with your study or using the services of online auction operators.
  1. I can be physically present during the visits and at the auction when necessary. In this case, travel expenses may be requested, after agreement according to the quotation.

I was approved by the Conseil des Ventes Volontaires in May 2008-Approval 2008-658.






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