Shooting Advices


To give you a relevant opinion, I need to receive the most descriptive pictures possible. Therefore sharp, well-lit, well-framed images are preferable.

Here are some suggestions and reminders so that we can communicate to the best of your interests.

♥ Preferably use digital camera for close-ups, in macro position.

boite mouches musique 1     083     orgue danse poirot mirecourt 5

♥ Everything is important and all the details matter:

The general views of the different faces, but also detailed views of interior and mechanism, emphasizing important points such as set of vibrating teeth (for music boxes), the piping of organs, the ankle base of pianos, etc., anything that can contribute to the identification: Signatures Punches, marks, serial numbers, etc., and of course any traces of wear, breakage, lack or any other defect.

piano sinistre expertise 1   piano sinistre expertise 2

♥ Artificial light modifies colors. Daylight highlights all the details of the item. The flash creates shadows and flattens the depth of field.

orgue danse poirot mirecourt 7

pendule foret noire orgue automates schwarzwald 4








♥ Avoid blurry photos by attaching your device to a tripod or placing it on a stable surface.

photo ratee

♥ A video also allows to have an overview of mechanism operating status or instrument sound quality.






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