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Musical Desk - 1st Empire

Made by Le LUDION



Madam, in her boudoir, write a letter or perhaps a poem...

Her mind wanders at the whim of Scheidemann’s Ballet for Organ, leaps to the sound of Ricci’s Tarentelle, or compels himself to the rigour of Johann Sebastian Bach’s Prelude and Fugue in C minor. To have an idea of the huge tunes-list, follow this link : 32 cap

Discover the pure pleasure of Music, on a real programmable acoustic instrument, with automatic registers, forgetting the contingencies of Mechanics.

Reconnect with the tradition of great builders of Parisian and Viennese Organs, with this magnificent musical instrument, wrapped in a prestigious cabinet, made to order and in a limited edition.

Without any operating noise, very easy to use, without button, without control, just insert a memory card or use the remote control and...

Dimensions : W 815mm - H 1370mm - D 645mm
W 32' - H 54' - D 25'


Ballet pour Orgue de Scheidemann

Kinder Sinfonie de Mozart

Prélude & Fugue Bwv 549 de JS.Bach


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