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Here are grouped by date, the next auctions concerning automatons, art and mechanical musical instruments, to which I bring my expertise. At the top of the article, appears the auctioneer name (S.V.V.) and the date of the sale. Future sales appear first.
By clicking on the photo, you will find the full description as it appears in the catalogue, an estimate and a link to more pictures and details, bid order form and the certificate of expertise accompanying the object.
As an independent expert, my work is to describe, authenticate and estimate the collectible piece presented by the S.V.V. and assume full responsibility for my expertise.
To be kept abreast of upcoming sales in the identified areas, you can subscribe to the informative alerts that I broadcast free of charge, without any obligation from you, click here...


Musical Picture Clock

tableau horloge à musique

Polyphon coin-operated discs musicbox

Polyphon ader oct21 couv

Discs Music Box Symphonion

symphonion ader oct21 couv

Glockenspiel Disc Music Box

symphonion 48metallophone ader oct21 couv

Orchestre & Voix Célestes HELLER

Heller ader oct21 couv

Mermod Musicbox

Mermod couv

Kalliope discs Musicbox

Kalliope couv

Architect Model of a Chinese pavillion

folie montmorency couv

Robertson’s Phantasmagorias

vue lanterne magique robertson couv

Feux Pyriques

Acteon feu pyrique

Animated Views by Abbé Nollet

vue nollet couv


cartobiorama giroux couv


marteau glass cord vg

Monkey playing violin on an organet

organette singe artpaugee vente 2juillet2021 couv

Automaton musical snuffbox

Tabatiere automate rich couv

Gold automaton gusset watch

montre duchene automate musique couv

Singing bird in a snuff box

oiseau chanteur tabatiere couv

VICHY's Serenata with a Mandolin

Vichy automate mandoline couv

BONTEMS - Cage oiseau chanteur

oiseau chanteur Bontems couv

Music Box 8 tunes

cartel bam 8 airs couv

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