My commitments towards Buyers

As my specialized expert role is to determine nature, origin and epoca of manufacture of Automata, Mechanical Musical Instruments and Fairground Art ; to detect possible alterations, transformations and reparations and to formulate a price in trading value or in replacement value ; I am recording these observations in various documents that commit my responsibility. As a result, all transactions to which I bring my assistance on this site, are likely to be accompanied by the following documents:


Certificate of Authenticity


This Material Safety Data Sheet is a true piece of identity of the object of art or collection. This document, formal and authenticated by my signature, commits my responsibility for a term defined by French law (See French Decree No. 81-255 of March 3, 1981, says Décret Marcus).

Its writing includes an history, the report of the detailed organological examination of the instrument, a statement of possible alterations, transformations or repairs suffered and highlights its potentialities. It is accompanied by digitally signed photographs.

This Certificate guarantees the time of manufacture, the origin, and the degree of authenticity of the art object. It can be filed in court and it is binding on third parties.




Addition to the Certificate of Authenticity, the estimate indicates a Trading Value on the market on the day of its establishment.

This document makes it possible to know the relative value of the property.


Insurance Value Certificate


Addition to the Certificate of Authenticity, the Insurance Value Certificate indicates the Replacement Value of the work of art or collection on the day of the preparation of the document. Very useful in the event of a disaster, it is strongly recommended to establish it prior to the initial signing of the contract, or to include it during the annual review of the special conditions. Insurance companies honor their contracts more easily, when an accredited expert has accurately described and estimated the deprived, destroyed or damaged property. In any case, the certification of an expert of justice will allow insurance companies to instruct the file in much better conditions.

This document can and must be updated regularly, in order to take account of the differences recorded in the Art Market according to modes or discoveries...

All this is done under the control of the French law, which is the most rigorous in regard to the responsibility of the art experts. It allows everyone to assert their rights in the event of a challenge. The expert is legally accountable for his expertise: he commits his responsibility in every certificate he delivers. That is, it is obligated to respond to the damage it causes in the event of a proven error.


Law and Regulation


French Decree No. 81-255 of March 3, 1981, says Décret Marcus, deals with the suppression of fraud with respect to transactions of works of art and collectibles.

See here its Consolidated version as at July 7, 2017, which remains to this day the basis of French law in this field. This document is extracted from the site Légifrance, public service of the dissemination of the law.

Experts's statements are materialized by the Certificate of Expertise, the most appropriate document for establishing the guarantee of an object as to its value, state of conservation and authenticity.
The French law recognized as the most protective for the client and the most rigorous regarding the responsibility of the art experts, allows everyone to assert his rights in case of dispute.


The insurance


To meet my obligations, I have subscribed to specific professional insurance and I benefit from the guarantees granted by the insurance contracts R.C.P. subscribed by the National Council of Companies of Experts of Justice - C.N.C.E.J. to MMA IARD / Assurances Mutuelles sous le n° 113 520 312, guaranteeing my professional civil responsibility for the tasks entrusted to me in the field of jurisdictional and extra-jurisdictional expertise.


The guarantors


chambre nationale des experts specialisesThe National Chamber of Specialized Experts, hereinafter referred to as C.N.E.S., founded in 1967, selects candidates through examinations of entry to the playoffs, ensures the continuous training of its members through regular internships within its state-approved institute, and only issues the title of specialist expert after A final control of theoretical and practical knowledge. Anxious to adapt to the evolution of the art market, the C.N.E.S. extends its representation to many countries by resident experts and corresponding members.

Founding member of the European Confederation of Art Experts- C.E.D.E. A., the competence and rigor of its members are worth to the C.N.E.S. the confidence of the largest public and private international institutions and collections.

I have been accredited by CNES since 2010. As member of the board of Trustees, I am in charge of Chamber Communication since 2015.
I am also a member of the CEDEA.


cie smallThe law strives to anticipate and resolve conflicts. The judge says the law. But is the judge apt to say whether a building is built in The rules of Art, if a road accident is invalid at 20 or 50%, why is a machine not working? The judge cannot be both judge, doctor, architect or engineer. He often needs a specialist to enlighten him. Of course, this specialist must be competent, rigorous and of impeccable honesty. For this purpose, justice selects professionals in all fields and appoints them Justice experts.

I have sworn to the high Courts of jurisdiction to accomplish my mission, make my report and give my opinion with honor and conscience.

I am a Justice Expert near the Court of Appeal and the Administrative Court of Toulouse since 2007, member of the company, member of the board of Trustees and I was his general secretary from 2012 to 2016.


cvv logoI was been approved by the Conseil des Ventes Volontaires  in May 2008 - Approval 2008-658.







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