ruckenklavier ignaz bruder couv

Timpani with Automata

Ignaz Blasius BRUDER - Waldkich - Beginning of 19th century



Ignaz bruder ruckenklavier tympanon a automates




From the workshop of Ignaz Blasius Bruder in the first quarter of the 19th century, this mechanical barrel tympani was carried by street musicians, with the help of straps around their backs. The illustration shows Savoyards (people from territories between France and Italy) crossing the Alps with their instrument on their back to gain a living.

As a street instrument, it also had to be attractive; hence the presence of the three figures. Tradition has it that the richly dressed person in the middle who dictates the rhythm on his bell, represents the Turks under whose domination Italy, not yet politically unified, was living. On the right : the violinist, a man of knowledge and culture, would be the Venetian (North Italy); whilst on the left the Napolitan (South Italy) would have neither the know-how nor the means to play an instrument and would content himself with tapping his feet and clapping.


Dimensions : H 90 x L 35 x P 35






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