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Automata, Tin Toys, Figures
  • Classical automata : G. Vichy, Théroude, Roullet & Decamps, Lambert, Bontemps, Renou, Robert-Houdin, Triboulet, J.A.F., Stévenard, Phalibois, etc.
  • Contemporary Figures : J-P. Hartmann, P. Bardakoff, D. Secrett, J. Caughan, J. Chedburn, J. Monestier, G. Laurent, P. Spooner, Dug North, G. Peyre, etc.
  • Tin toys and mechanical figures : Fernand Martin, Güntherman, Vielmeter, Joustra, Schucco, etc.
  • Ventriloquist puppets;
  • Puppets.
Musical Jewelry and Object of Vertu
  • Musical jewelry as musical seals, chatelaine, pendants;
  • Snuff-boxes : H. Capt, M. Bordier, P-H. Paur, Courvoisier, Alibert, Piguet, Meylan, Jaquet-Droz, C. Fabergé, J. Cox, etc.
  • Precious items and Trinkspiel : H. Schlottheim, L. Grimaldo, E. Lobenick, V. Langenbucher, J. Friess, G. Bachmann, E. Lenker, M. Mair, etc. 
  • Others musical novelties as sewing necessaire, etc.
Singing Birds
  • ​Singing birds in cage
  • Singing birds in bushes
  • Snuff-box with singing birds : Jaquet-Droz, Frisard, Maillardet, Leschot, Rochat, Bruguier, Flajoulot, Griesbaum, Bontemps, Reuge. etc.
  • All items which use birds songs.
Musical Clocks and Watches
  • Musical watches : Piguet & Meylan, Bordier, Alibert, Breguet, etc.
  • Black Forest clockworks with organ music and/or automaton
  • Chimney or bracket musical clocks with/without automaton : Clay, Davrainville, Pryor, Cox, Jaquet-Droz, Martinet, Robert-Houdin, Stevenard. etc.
  • Musical clocks with musical boxes : Junghans, Thorens, etc.
  • Picture musical clocks : Tharin, etc.
  • Musical dioramas
Fairground Art, Merry-go-Round
  • Merry-go-round, runabout, carrousel;
  • All items of Decorative Fairground Art (plafonds. frontons, lambrequins, sculptures, renommées. etc) 
  • Animals and items from carrousel scenery;
  • Fortune teller, cranes, vending and gambling machines (électriseurs, grues, diseuse de bonne aventure, machines de force. etc);
  • Literature.
Carousel Figures
  • Animals and items from carrousel scenery - workshops from G. Bayol, Coquereau & Maréchal, Devos, Moulinas, Heyne, Hübner, Spooner, Herschell & Spillmann, etc.
  • Cart, carriage, ship and gondolas from carrousel;
This is a part or Fairground Art category.
Mechanical Musical Instruments
  • Cylinder or disc organettes; chamber, street or monkey organs 
  • Antique mechanical dance, band or fair organs operated by music books; orchestrions operated by cylinders or paper rolls, etc. 
  • All collectible items of the mechanical music field : Aeolian, Autophone, Ampico, Artizan, Aurephone, Berni, Caliola,  Calliaphone, Calliope, Capital, Cuff, Celesta, Chiappa, Cocchi, Coinola, Dekleist, Encore, Graffigna, Gem, Lyon and healy, Mills, Mortier, Molinari, Muzzio, Nelson-Wiggen, Nickelodeon, North Tonawanda, Orpheus, Orphenion, Photoplayer, Philipps, Peerless, Rolmonica, Seeburg, Seybold, Tangley, violin player, Violano Virtuoso, Wurlitzer, Western Electric, Weber.
  • Literature.
Musical Boxes
  • Cylinder music boxes : Bremond, Nicole, Lecoultre, Wurtel, Paillard, Vaucher, Cuendet, Thorens, Bordier, Rebicek ou Rzebistchek, Dupin, Ami-Rivenc, L'Epée, Ullmann, Mermod, Jacot, Allard, David, Langdorff, Ball Beavon & C°, Henriot, Mayermarix, Heller, Capt, Reymont, Conchon, Baker-troll, Caliola, Capital, Celesta, Eroica, Euphonia, Haller, Imperator, Mills, Miraphone, Monopol, New Century, Orpheus, Reginaphone, etc.
  • Discs music boxes : Polyphon. Symphonion, Stella, Calliope, Kalliope, Libellion, Criterion, Regina, etc.
  • Musical snuff boxes (see also jewelry category)
  • All items or novelties operated with a cylinder music box. (dessous de plat, album-photo, chaise, carafe, et généralement tous les souvenirs musicaux de toutes sortes, etc.) 
Fair, Band and Street Organs
  • Orguinettes, organets, crank and bird organs : Thibouville-Lamy, Ariston, Intona, Ullmann, Seraphone, Ehrlich, Herophon, Kalliston, etc.
  • Street and monkey organs : Anciaume, Bruder, Corvi, Frati, Bacigalupo, Molinari, Chiappa, Gavioli, Nechada, Harmoniflûte, etc.
  • Fair organs : Limonaire, Gavioli, Gasparini, Foucher, Pellevoisin, Dussaux, Hooghuys, Lemoine, Marenghi, Marissal etc.
  • Band organs : Bruder, Ruth, Wrede, Wurlitzer, etc.
  • Dance organs : Mortier. Decap, Gaudin, Arburo, Bursens, Koenigsberg. Poirot, Busson, Strasser, etc.
  • Chamber organs : Davrainville, Kelsen. Maelzel, Mirecourt, Roentgen, Busson, etc
  • Concert organs and photoplayers : Aeolian, Allen, Welte, etc.
  • All automatic wind instruments.
Orchestrions, Barrel and Player Pianos
  • Barrel pianos : Amelotti, Casali, Debain, Antiphonel, Lacape-Claveau, Jorio, Buisson-Rond, Magnan, Tricard. Dusard-Boutemy, Guilbaud, Brun, Nallino, Foray-Storace, Jules, Jazz-band Rex, Zanelli, Berlioz, Racca, Tadini, Horvilleur & Presberg, Angélique, Victoire, Apruzzese, Linares, Piomba, Mazzoletti, Romano, Ruth, Hicks, etc.
  • Player pianos : Aeolian. Pleyela, Autopiano, Dienst, Simplex, Tri-Phonola, etc.
  • Reproducing pianos : Welte-Mignon, Duo-Art, Ampico, Dea, etc.
  • Orchestrions : Welte, Weber, Polyvox, Popper, Imhof & Mukle, Philipps, Hupfeld, Lochmann, Blessing, etc.
  • All items playing like pianos.
Second Hand Mechanical Monkey Organs
  • New contemporary second-hand street organs for fun.
Music Books, Rolls and other Musical support
To receive data on antique repertory.
To receive infos about issues from our tunes-list  :
  • For street, monkey, band and fair organs;
  • For antique instruments : Limonaire, Gasparini, Thibouville-Lamy, Hooghuys, Marenghi, Gavioli, Mortier, etc...
  • We arrange, punch, cut, record music on several supports as : traditionnal folded music cardbooks, paper rolls, midi-files, memory card.
Or follow this link : www.our-tunes-list.com

Others Musical Instruments and Novelties
  • Others musical curiosities, as special keyboard instruments, antique manual organs, hand-written sheets of music, accessories, amazing improvements in the field of instruments making...
  • To receive general informations about this site
Antiques Technologies
  • Phonographs and Gramophones : Bettini, Gramophone, Lioret, Pathé, Pathéphone, Edison, Charles Cros, Graphophone, Phonographe, Zonophone, Farcot & Wanderberg, etc.
  • Writing machines, gambling machines, items around photography, movies and magic lanterns : Pathé, Lumière; Gaumont, Sigriste, Leica, Hasselblad, Richard, etc.
  • All concern antique technologies...
Entertainment & Performing Arts : Circus and Magic, Memorabilia
  • Stage props and costumes, biographies, books and souvenirs of circus people;
  • All circus posters and painted panels;
  • Apparatus, ephemera and memorabilia, magical tricks from magicians and conjurers;
  • Literature.
Talks, Workshops, Lecture
  • Talks, workshop, presentation and editing about Automata and MMI.
Invitation to various Events

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